I’m at the ISDC this Week


I’m going to be somewhere awesome this week: the International Space Development Conference in Washington DC. You might recall that my story “Acid Test” finished second in the Jim Baen Memorial Contest earlier this year…

Thanks to that, I’m a guest of Baen at the conference. It’s a solid four days of talk about space exploration by the most knowledgeable people in the business. Also, I’ll get to meet the other prizewinners. How cool is that?

Microfiction Contest Prize


I was looking for a place to sub a story and stumbled on an On the Premises contest offering prize money for the best two or three 50 word or less stories. I stopped and threw a couple of sentences together, trimmed it down to 50 words and looked at it. Not bad, so I sent it in and forgot about it. Turns out that little tale ended up second.

Have a look.