Entry on Fiction DB

I seem to have a page at the Fiction DB.  Despite a lot of work out there, I’m always still a bit surprised when my name and books appear on websites that aggregate writers (especially those that work outside the genres I am most prolific in).  But it is happening ever more frequently, and I’ve recently discovered my page on the Fiction DB, which you can see here.

An older review of Sha’Daa Pawns that I just noticed.

The Sha’Daa series is a favorite of mine.  It’s a long-running shared-world antho series (currently, the sixth volume is in production) dealing with an apocalypse that takes place once every ten thousand years.  On that night, the forces of evil take on the forces of good for control of the world, and each story deals with it from a different point of view.

This review by Dan L. Hollifield on Aphelion takes a look at Pawns, the third installment in the series, and which includes my story “Blood Stone”.