Visions VI launched!

visionsThe Visions VI anthology, an SF collection on the theme of Galaxies, has launched!  This one contains my story “Cloud Marathon”, and should be a great choice for those looking for core SF.   You can see the Amazon listing here, but it’s also available through other retailers.

Reviews of Keystone Chronicles starting to come in

keystoneOne of the nice things about anthos is that one gets to read the reviews of the book and see what readers thought of the volume in general and of one’s story in particular.  When reviews of the latest Third Flatiron anthology, Keystone Chronicles (you can buy it here) began to come out, I immediately clicked to see what they said about it.

On Amazon, reviews are mostly positive, and one reader chose my story as one of their favorites – always a good sign.


Albedo1 also has a review, which is generally positive but wants more, while K.S.Dearsly also found my story to be one of the best in the book.  All in all, a nice haul of reviews!

Don’t know how I missed this one!

I normally don’t post old reviews here, but I completely missed this one when the story came out, so posting a link to it now.  It’s a review on Black Gate of my tale “War and Peace Pipes” which actually has an excerpt. If you like the excerpt, you can read the whole thing here.  In general the reviewer liked the story (I hope other readers disagree about the ending!), and I wonder if he ever did look up the rest of my work!


Gustavo’s Author Page

amazonI’ve finally gotten around to setting up my author page on Amazon.  It’ looks pretty good, but I’d forgotten just how many anthologies I’ve been a part of.  Getting all of those updated and loaded has been pretty time consuming even though Amazon has done most of the work for me!  Some titles are still being processed, so if I’m missing a book you edited, don’t fret, it will be there if it’s on sale on Amazon!  You can have a look right here.