Rain Over Lesser Boso – Review

Interesting review over at Jeffalogue of my story “Rain Over Lesser Boso”. What makes this one interesting isn’t so much what is said about the story – he neither loved it nor hated it – but that the reviewer actually reviewed the story on its own as opposed to reviewing it within the context of the anthology that contained it (Abbreviated Epics). The reviewer calls himself a “professional reader”, and reading individual stories is his MO. This is the first of my stories he’s reviewed, but there are some truly awesome names among the writers he’s read.

You can read the review here.

Author Bio Pages

PawnsCover-320x488-320x488A couple of bio pages have gone up over the last two weeks or so.  The first is the authors’ Bio page for the amazing Sha’Daa series, which has featured a couple of my stories.  I know they’re making it even better, but it’s up now, and you can have a look.

Also have an author page on the Newmyths site, here.  This one is cool because I get to answer a couple of questions about my writing.  Of course, the story is still a few months away, but, I assure you, it’s well worth waiting for (you can believe me, I’m a writer).

Sales Update

A couple of sales over the past few weeks:

–  Sold a reprint of “Tenth Orbit” to Digital Science Fiction.  Will let everyone know when it comes up, but in the meantime, here’s a link to their site.

– The second one is a little late, as I was going to report a sale to Every Day Fiction, but as the story itself came out on August 18th, you already knew I’d sold it.  You can read it here.