Gustavo’s Author Page

amazonI’ve finally gotten around to setting up my author page on Amazon.  It’ looks pretty good, but I’d forgotten just how many anthologies I’ve been a part of.  Getting all of those updated and loaded has been pretty time consuming even though Amazon has done most of the work for me!  Some titles are still being processed, so if I’m missing a book you edited, don’t fret, it will be there if it’s on sale on Amazon!  You can have a look right here.

Sale to Flash Fiction Press

My story “Two Good Men” has sold to The Flash Fiction Press and it will be appearing on November 26th (I’ll post a link on the day, of course).  Really happy to have sold this one because I simply love the interplay between the  characters, the consequences of their actions and the title…  I may be just slightly biased, of course!

You can have a look at the site, here.


Poupée’s People Published Promptly!

My story “Poupée’s People” is up in this month’s edition of Aurora Wolf.  You can read it for free right here.  I actually think most of my readers will like this one a lot, as it involves genetic modifications, dragons and African rivers, as well as landing right in that strange nebulous border between SF and Fantasy.


Big news today: my novel Siege has been accepted for publication by Severed Press.  Now it has to go through editing and artwork processes, of course, but I’m really excited to be working with such an amazing publisher.  While waiting for Siege to come out, why don’t you browse their other books, here.


Rain Over Lesser Boso – Review

Interesting review over at Jeffalogue of my story “Rain Over Lesser Boso”. What makes this one interesting isn’t so much what is said about the story – he neither loved it nor hated it – but that the reviewer actually reviewed the story on its own as opposed to reviewing it within the context of the anthology that contained it (Abbreviated Epics). The reviewer calls himself a “professional reader”, and reading individual stories is his MO. This is the first of my stories he’s reviewed, but there are some truly awesome names among the writers he’s read.

You can read the review here.