Glass Island Sold to Every Day Fiction


Every Day Fiction is probably the place where most stories of mine have appeared. To date, 20 of my flash pieces have been published there. This makes me proud because it took me a while when I was starting to break in, and they are still very rigorous when it comes to selecting stories. So it makes me very happy to announce that they’ve purchased my tale “Glass Island”. I’ll be sure to link to the ToC for the month when it appears (and to the story, as well, of course).

Wolf of the Tesseract – Free Download Today!

Friend and fellow author Christopher D. Schmitz’s book Wolf of the Tesseract is free to download today – just wanted to let everyone know, as he writes fun books.

Here’s what the author has to say about these:

“Reality is fracturing. Only Claire can fix it… if she survives. College can’t prepare you for everything. It’s been called Percy Jackson Vs Werewolves Vs. Cthulhu–Get the 1st two full books in the Wolves of the Tesseract series as part of my free, no-strings/no-spam offer!”

Link here – go get yours, today!

Wolf of the Tesseract

Expanded Horizons Published in SF Terra!


One of the nicer things about writing is how you can suddenly get a surprise. One such happened to me recently, as an envelope I wasn’t expecting arrived with a copy of SF Terra within. It was in Dutch, as the magazine is printed in The Netherlands, and a translation of my story “Expanded Horizons” was printed within. I’d sent them the story back in July, and assumed that it had either been lost or rejected and I’d simple not received the note. My first publication in Dutch… Made my day.

Re-Terrify Anthology Released

ReTerrify Anthology

The Re-Terrify anthology, edited by VonnieWinslow Crist and Kelly A. Harmon, ad which includes my story “Bridge Over the Cunene” is available for purchase. Delighted to share this ToC with a number of friends!!