My story, “The Collector” is a finalist in the Defenestrationism short fiction contest.  Any website that defines itself as one that looks into the finer points of the art of throwing people out of windows (which, apparently, is what defenestration means) is OK in my book.

The complete list of finalists and the dates of publication are:

–“Bearcat”, Lisa Clark
July 9th
–“Blank Faces”, Jess Costello
July 16th
-“Lost in Defenestration”, B. Craig Grafton
July 23rd
-“Delocation”, Andrew Livingston
July 30th
-“The Hunter”, Isabella Hernandez
` August 6th
-“The Collector”, Gustavo Bondoni
August’ 13th
You can check out the list here.
Final Fan Voting begins in August – I’ll let everyone know!