Chronos Chronicles ToC Anounced

The lineup for the anthology The Chronos Chronicles is up.  A very nice ToC there, plus an amazing cover – have a look:

Chronos Chronicles cover

Another Second Chance by Karl Lykken
Closing Schrodinger’s Box by Michael W. Lucht
Diversions by J.D. Kotzman
Fashion Emergency by Brian Koukol
Picking Litter on the Moon by Robert Bagnall
Putting It Right by Gustavo Bondoni
The Man Who Brought Down The New York Times by Paul Levinson
Stopper by David Christenson
The Babushka Lady by C.R. Berry
The Road to Utopia Plain by Rick Kennett
The Scar by Frank Roger
The Winds of Time by Mike Adamson
The Wishing Place by Aaron Moskalik
Timeless in Chronosville by John A. Frochio
113 Feet by Josh Roseman