Tales from the Old Black Ambulance Table of Contents Released

Tales from the Old Black Ambulance

The table of contents for Tales From the Old Black Ambulance has been released! This one will contain my story “Caddy Man”, a very offbeat horror story which I particularly like. Some familiar names, others that I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading in there.  Link is here, and the ToC is below (also, check out that cover… cool, huh?).

Here’s the ToC:

Series Editor Jason T. Graves

J. Carson Black

J.D. Blackrose

Gustavo Bondoni

Rick Duffy

A.G. Hilton

Larry Hodges

Tally Johnson

Nancy Kilpatrick

Mackenzie Kincaid

Emily Lavin Leverett

Rob MacGregor

Gail Z. Martin

Jason J. McCuiston

Jennifer R. Povey

Clark Roberts

Angela Roquet

Jorge S. Savant

Tim Waggoner

Robert W. Walker