Twilight Tales ToC Announced

The table of contents for Twilight Tales includes my story “For the Light”, as well as stories by several of my friends – an honor to be in such good company.  Link here – and the full ToC below.

“The Openings” by Edward Ahern
“Seedling” by Ralph Benton
“For the Light” by Gustavo Bondoni
“Thirsty Bones” by D.J. Butler
“The Return of Gunnar Kettilson” by Vonnie Winslow Crist
“Finger” by Steve DuBois
“The Cistern” by Kirk Eckstine
“Cold, Silent, and Dark” by Kary English
“One Heartbeat to Say Goodbye” by Nate Givens
“Light, from Pure Digestion Bred” by Kelly A. Harmon
“First Edition” by Liam Hogan
“Alma Mater” by S.B. Houghton
“Adventures in House Sitting” by Bill Housley
“Always Room for More” by Michelle Ann King
“The Hen Gathers Her Chicks” by Rachel Lewis
“Not Fragile” by Randy Lindsay
“A Little Ghost Story” by Victoria Lisowski
“Bobby Ellison” by Jenean McBrearty
“The Festive Fourties” by Stephen McQuiggan
“Behind the Bookshelf, in a Thin Pool of Light” by Donna J.W. Munro
“Just Another Night in Jersey, with Dogs” by Mike Munsil
“Through Milkweed and Gloom” by Wendy Nikel
“Transition Plan” by Scott R. Parkin
“Automath” by Bob Rehak
“Can’t Con an Honest John” by Jude Reid
“Fruiting” by J.D. Robinson
“Invoice” by Emily Martha Sorensen
“Just Passing Through” by Jeanna Mason Stay
“The Janus Anomaly” by Joe Vasicek
“Next of Kin” by Dan Wells
“There Was a Woman Dwelt by a Graveyard” by David J. West