Heart-Breaks and Half-Truths Lineup Announced


It’s been a good week for announcing lineups, apparently. The Heartbreaks and Half-truths anthology from Superior Shores Press is showing off their author list. This one contains my story “Checkmate Charlie”.   You can see all the info here, and the list is as follows:

Blair Keetch
Buzz Dixon
Chris Wheatley
Christine Eskilson
Edward Lodi
Gustavo Bondoni
J A Henderson
James Blakey
James Lincoln Warren
John M. Floyd
Joseph S. Walker
Judy Penz Sheluk
Kate Flora
KM Rockwood
Paula Gail Benson
Peggy Rothschild
Rhonda Eikamp
Robb T. White
Sharon Hart Addy
Steve Liskow
Susan Daly
Tracy Falenwolfe