Cover Reveal for Safe and Sorry

What’s this? Literary fiction on Gustavo’s page? What’s the world coming to?

Actually, I’m quite happy with what the world is coming to because the wonderful folks at Creators Publishing have sent me the cover of my next literary book, Safe and Sorry. This is a kind of indirect follow-up to 2019’s Love and Death in that it also tells the intertwined stories of several characters who have little idea of how their life affects the others.

I love this cover. To my mind, it’s reminiscent of the covers for the literary works of the 1920s and 30s. You know, Hemingway and Fitzgerald and all those guys. I happen to believe that literary fiction reached a pinnacle in that era, so giving homage to it with this cover is something I approve of wholeheartedly.

Whether the stories within are worthy of the aspirational imagery will be up to readers to decide… but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy this look.