Anotherealm 2019 ToC Announced

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Anotherealm has published its table of contents for 2019. My story “Desperate Measures” is scheduled for the November slot… so you can mark your calendars for it.

Have a look:

January Aerodynamics — Ahmed Khan
February Market Day — Stephanie Gray
March The New Americans — Dean Grondo
April The Circle-Route — Jamie D. Munro
May Kittylyn — Julia Benally
June Unicorns vs. Zombies — Nathan Cromwell
July The Witching Hour by Ekpeki Chovwe Donald
August Salvation — Toney Baus
September Floaters — C.I. Kemp
October A Queen’s Way — Margaret Karmazin
November Desperate Measures — Gustavo Bondoni
December A Surprise!