Bastion Published!!

Here’s something cool I hadn’t managed to talk about because of so much travel: my novel Bastion has been published!

This is one I’m particularly proud of. Both the adventure and the characters resonate with me more than many others I’ve written, and it’s one of those cases where I wish everyone would read it, just to meet these people and find out what happens to them!

Link here!

Fat Man Published Today!

Fat Man has been released (on Amazon for now, more platforms to come!). I’m particularly proud of this one, because it looks at a bunch of stuff that is coming down the pipeline, and how it could affect our world for good and bad… without necessarily going off into speculative fantasyland or fear-mongering. It was a tough balance to maintain, and now readers get to judge whether I pulled it off.

Link here.

And here’s that glorious cover:

The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes – Published

Outside of my usual genre preoccupations (but aligned with The Detective and the Clergyman which I mentioned recently), I’m delighted to announce that The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes is available for purchase.

This is an antho of stories in which Holmes is consulted by other crime-solvers instead of being the man responsible for the mystery. In my tale, “In the Style of the Monster”, he works from home and guides the Edinburgh police.

Purchase link here.

Interviewed by Discovered Wordsmiths

If you’ve ever wondered about my writing process, the genres I enjoy writing in or my latest books, but HATE reading author interviews, I have good news: I was interviewed on the Discovered Wordsmiths Podcast.

So you can get all the above PLUS you can see what I sound like, what I look like, and which corner of my living room I use as the backdrop when doing this kind of thing.

It’s a stalker’s paradise!

Also good for normal, non-weird people, too, but I hope there aren’t any of those on my friends list!

Links here:


In Which I Am Interviewed

The wonderful Steven R Southard has just published an to an interview with me (focused mainly on my writing career) on his site. It’s quite interesting and involved, and I had a ton of fun answering the questions.

I’ve included the link here. So if anyone is curious about my process or even just my writing life, this is a nice place to start.