Weirdness Makes the Writer’s Soul Grow Fonder

Writing has a few frustrations (did someone mention rejections?), but it has enough satisfactions that most people who start writing never stop. Of these, some are obvious, such as getting good sales on a novel or sending a story to a particularly incredible publication.But the ones I love the most are the weird and unexpected ones.

Today, for example, I discovered that my name pops up on the Andrew Marvell Society’s “Marvell Studies” page. Why? Well, because more than fifteen years ago I wrote a story entitled “…but world enough…”, which is a piece of the first line of Marvell’s poem “To His Coy Mistress” (Had we but world enough, and time”).

The weird part is that that one sold to Voluted Tales back then and hasn’t seen print since… and googling shows no results for it. Once again, my admiration for researchers (and the indexes of institutional libraries) has my respect, and the writing world has given me weird pleasure. Link to the article here, so you can chuckle along with me.