Thin Air Available for Pre-Order

Cool news for today is that my collection This Air is available fro Pre-order on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This is a collection I think a lot of you will enjoy. As the subtitle says, it mixes SF/F and crime, and I had a

wonderful time revisiting the stories to write the introductions to them.

Of course, I’ll let the readers be the judge of the stories, but I personally think some of my best are in here. If anyone buys it, I’d love to know if you agree (or not!)!

I will be in a Baen Anthology with Larry Niven and Arthur C. Clarke

I’ve been sitting on some big news for a while. I’ve sold a story to Baen Books’ new anthology Real Stories of the United States Space Force. This is extremely exciting for many reasons (Baen!!!), but most exciting of all are the wonderful authors I’ll be sharing the ToC with.

Have a look:

Arthur C. Clarke

Avery Parks

C. Stuart Hardwick

David Brin

Greg & James Benford

Gustavo Bondoni

Harry Turtledove

Henry Herz

Jody Lynn Nye

Karl Gallagher

Larry Niven

Laura Montgomery

Liam Hogan

M.T. Reiten

Marie Vibbert

Martin Shoemaker

Matt Bille

Michael Morton

Silvie Althoff

As you can imagine, I’m over the moon to be included here.

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Interview with me is up!

There’s an interview with me up at the Kickstarter for The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve included the link here in case you’re curious about how this story came to be, and the process of writing it. Scroll down to see the interview!

Dragon Gems: Winter 2023 Published

Cool news for today is that the Dragon’s Gems Anthology has been published (well, a couple of months ago, but I’ve already admitted that I’m way behind, right?). This one contains my story “Keep Them Smiling” about the way policing might be done in the future. I find it chilling not because of the brutality, but because it explores the non-brutal options to their logical conclusions… and finds them even worse.

Purchase link here.