Sometimes Readers Hit the Nail on the Head

Sometimes I get a reader review I just have to share, because it captures what I was going for so perfectly. This one is for The Malakiad (link here in case it tempts anyone!):


The Malakiad is to classic mythology what Hitchhiker’s Guide is to science fiction. Not only is the author’s wit razor sharp, his knowledge of his material (and so much more) is vast.

If you’re looking for a fun summer read, this is it.

Now THAT is a review to warm an author’s heart!

Two Mysterious Sales!

Sale! (well, sales, actually). I’ve signed and sent back the contracts, so I can announce that I sold two stories to Sherlock Holmes themed anthologies, called Sherlock Holmes, a Year of Mystery. I’ll be in the volumes for 1883 and 1884 (I was already in the one for 1882).

It’s a bit different from my usual SFF work, but I find writing the Sherlock Holmes universe extremely satisfying!

Good Girl Published at Every Day Fiction

Definitely feeling like a writer today. Not only am I at WorldCon in Chicago, but I also got a story acceptance (about which more when contract is signed). Best of all, however, Every Day Fiction has published my evil little tale “Good Girl”.

It’s a very quick read, and I’ve placed the link here. The nice thing about EDF is that you can rate the story and leave comments (always useful if you hate it!).

Two Stories Sold!

I’ve been sitting on a couple of story sales, but contracts have been signed so I can announce that my story “Topside” will be appearing in Tangle and Fen, while my tale “Bridge Over the Cunene” is scheduled to appear in Dark Moon Digest.

Double woot! 🙂