What I Never Told Them – Prize Winner

Here’s some good news with an even better story behind it. My tale “What I Never Told Them” placed third in the Chilling Pen Contest that ended in October (You can read the story for free here).

Now the story behind it: I was on a panel at EasterCon in April when I happened to mention that I’d written a story about sentient seaweed. It was a throwaway comment intended to show everyone how nutty the ideas that occur to writers can be.

To my surprise, everyone seemed fascinated by the idea (if you are, too, the antho that contains the story can be read here), and several people asked me to send them the story.

And I wondered why… and kept wondering until I got it out of my system by writing a story about the whole thing.

Of course, being me, the story took an unfortunate twist for the characters.

Anyway, if you do read it, let me know what you think!