American Monsters Part 1 Cover Revealed… and Wow!

Happy today because Fox Spirit has revealed the cover of the anthology American Monsters Part 1 – the latest installment in their award-winning series. Honored to share the ToC with a lot of friends–Fábio Fernandes, Christopher Kastensmidt, Cesar Alcázar–and to have gotten to work with the wonderful Margrét Helgadóttir, who edited the book. The cover is by Daniele Serra, who has done an amazing job with all of these.

Link here.


Timeless Released!

Timeless - Gustavo Bondoni

It’s not every day that I release a new book.  And it is even less frequent for me to attempt a new genre.  I’d never written a thriller before, much less a romantic thriller, but it’s a genre I read in frequently.  The end result was that I felt both excited at the novelty and comfortable while writing it–an amazing experience, in fact.

Timeless was launched over the weekend, and it’s an ebook format.  You can get it on AmazonBarnes & Noble and, if you prefer to avoid the big retail chains, you can also get it from Smashwords.

A little about the book for those of you who might be curious:

Journalist Marianne Caruso is in Athens on her first investigative piece: finding the reclusive author of a best-selling novel about drug smuggling in the Aegean. She goes out for a night on the town with a good friend, Karina, who disappears after leaving the club.

Marianne’s journalistic instinct, combined with a re-reading of the novel, makes her suspect the kidnapping is linked to her investigation and that the book describes real criminals and events—criminals desperate to keep her from publishing her findings. Now even more determined to locate the author, Marianne teams up with Karina’s family to speak to underworld contacts and discovers the author is a monk at an ancient monastic complex forbidden to women.

Medieval misogyny be damned, Marianne arranges a secret meeting with the monk, but the criminals ambush her. Separated from her companions, she runs for her life with only the monk himself for company, a man who might hold the key to rescuing Karina, but whose past holds secrets that might make him just as dangerous as the men she’s trying to escape.

Guardians of the Treasure – Sold!



Now that I’ve signed the contract, I can announce that my story “Guardians of the Treasure” has sold to Alien Dimensions.  This one is quite quirky, and I’m delighted that it found the perfect home!  Will let everyone know when it becomes available!

Superclásico sold!

Sold a story a few weeks back, but kept quiet until the contract was signed. Well, it’s signed now, so I’m now happy to announce that my story “Superclásico” has been picked up by Tales from the Canyons of the Damned.  I’m very pleased at this, as I chose the publication based on the fact that it looks amazing and has had a lot of tales from writers I really like.