The Trump Utopia or Dystopia antho has been accepted into the Indie Ontario system

Trump Utopia or Dystopia Cover

Good news for those who are in Canada or in the US and near a library that accepts indie books. The Trump Utopia or Dystopia antho (link in the comments) has been accepted into the Indie Ontario system, which makes it available across these outlets.

This one has one of my stories in it (won’t tell you if it’s a utopia or a dystopia story… no spoilers here!), and now you will soon be able to get it without buying it!

Here’s the Amazon link.  Your library will, of course, have its own system.

Glitter and Hope Bundle Released

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 15.14.14

Cool news for today is that The Community of Magic Pens antho has been included in a large bundle curated by Cat Rambo called Glitter and Hope. For those who have forgotten, this antho includes my story “Old News”.

Even cooler news is that the rest of the bundle is also amazing, and Glitter and Hope is something that, to judge by my FB feed, people really need right now.

So get to it. Link here.


Two Sales to AJIL

Good News on the sales front is that I sold two more stories to the Author’s Journal of Inventive Literature, which makes three sales there in total. They tell me the post COVID schedule is moving forward, so really looking forward to seeing these in print!