The Swords of Rasna Cover Reveal!

This is a wonderful writing week. I get to share not one, but TWO covers of books I loved to write and can’t wait to see published.The Swords of Rasna is a fantasy book set in classical times, as the Etruscan League of 12 desperately fights against the growing might of the early Roman Empire.

As you can probably tell by the cover, this isn’t your grandfather’s Roman Empire!

I will, of course, let everyone know when this one is published!

“The Geezer Express” Published in ASM

Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, which Includes my story “The Geezer Express” has been released. I’ve wanted to sell a story to ASM since I started writing, and now that it’s finally happened and my ASM story is in the wild, I’m delighted. Plus, check out the gorgeous cover!

Link here.