The Fifth Di December 2022 Published

With the frenetic end of last year / beginning of this one, I missed a bunch of publications, so I’m trying to catch up. Here is the December issue of The Fifth Di, which contains not one but TWO of my stories: “Hospitality” and “Homesinger”,both of which I really love!

Purchase link here.

The Best Planned Lays sells to Dragon Gems

Contract signed, so I can announce that my story “The Best Planned Lays” has sold to the Dragon Gems anthology.

This is a humorous piece, which makes me happy as I love publishing humor, even though it’s a tough market (I am essentially impossible to offend, so I find everything funny… which is not the way to sell in today’s hyper-sensitive climate. Still, this story worked and sold almost immediately). I’ll let everyone know when it comes out!

Roar 11 Reviewed

Very complete review of Roar 11 has been published on Furry Book Review (I’m 99% sure that this is the first time my name has been included in any website with the word “furry” in it, so I’m honored to finally make it in!). Link here!