“The Geezer Express” Published in ASM

Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, which Includes my story “The Geezer Express” has been released. I’ve wanted to sell a story to ASM since I started writing, and now that it’s finally happened and my ASM story is in the wild, I’m delighted. Plus, check out the gorgeous cover!

Link here.

Splinter Launched!

My novel Splinter has been released. Set in the same universe as Outside, this sequel stands alone and explores the themes of artificial intelligence and the future limits of humanity.

Here’s what the publisher has to say about it:

Have Humans lost their Humanity, and Can an Artificial Intelligence Save Them?

The Tau Ceti colony is a Utopia, but tension lurks below the tranquil surface. The peace of the colony is shattered when the Unity spacecraft returns from Earth bearing shocking news.

Rome Permek, computer officer on the ship, returned with a stowaway: Emily Plair, an artificial intelligence from Earth’s cyberworld. But the colony is not the quiet refuge they hoped for. Some in the colony see her as a threat and will resort to anything to have her eliminated.

The colony erupts with the questions: Is artificial intelligence truly alive? What rights do they have? What constitutes a good life?

Follow Rome and Emily as they traverse the broken paradise colony, orbital habitats, virtual environments, and distant worlds.

This book is a sequel to the author’s novel Outside.

You can buy it here.