Shivering Cinderella Published by The Grantville Gazette

So, some awesome news I’ve been sitting on for a while: I have a story entitled “Shivering Cinderella” in issue 94 of The Grantville Gazette. My story is in the “Universe Annex” section, not in the shared-world portion of the magazine.

Here’s the link (you need to be a subscriber to read the entire story) in the first comment, below. As a sale to a Baen publication, I believe this is the largest publisher I’ve worked with for a genre story. The happy dance happened a few months ago, but now you know.

Such Sweet Sorrow Wins Critters Prize for Best Positive Future Short Story

Good news for a Monday? Sure, why not? I received word that my story “Such Sweet Sorrow” has won the 2020 Critters Poll award for Best Positive Future Short Story.Now, a story about giraffes, airships and conservation efforts was always going to be in the running for that one, but the unusual thing is that, due to the “trying to drink from a fire hose” nature of my life currently, I was not even aware that the tale was nominated.

So this was a complete surprise and really made my day! I’d often played the game in this poll, lobbying for votes and never doing better than a top ten finish, but this year was out of the blue… and the story won!

Link here.