ToC for American Monsters Part 1 Announced.


Fox Spirit has shared the table of contents for the first part of American Monsters, the next installment in this incredible series. My story “Vulnerable Populations” is a part of this one, as are tales by three of my friends: Christopher Kastensmidt, Cesar Alcázar and Fábio Fernandes. Truly an honor to be there with them 

Link is here.

Nice Reviews of Shards Coming in

One of the things I love the most about being a writer is that readers seem to like my stories (more than editors themselves, it sometimes seems). So when the reviews of Shards began to come in, I was delighted to see that many had nice things to say about my story… The line that made me happiest? “Poignant and pointed, definitely needed my Kleenex.” oh, and also the fact that a different reviewer chose mine as one of their favorites. Link here.

I’m a Finalist in the WYRM’s Gauntlet


So… made it into the final round of the WYRM’s Gauntlet, which is an obstacle course / hunger games for writers.  This year, 37 authors and critics started the obstacle course that is the gauntlet, and 3 remain.  It’s been a pretty brutal first three rounds, so I assume the final podium positions will be bitterly fought over.

Here’s the results table so far.

Toc for Best Indie Speculative Fiction, Volume One Announced


Bards and Sages has announced its table of contents for Best Indie Speculative Fiction, Volume One. A lot of amazing names on that ToC, and many friends as well, which is always nice.  You can see the whole list here.

This one includes my story “Pacific Wind”, a tale I originally self-published on Amazon because I wanted to see how the process worked (my only self-published work so far), and which I’m delighted to see picked up by a real publisher.

You can see the full ToC in the first comment, and if you’re curious, you can check out “Pacific Wind” on Amazon for only 99 cents!

Advanced to the Second Round of WYRM’s Gauntlet


Wyrm’s Gauntlet is a competition pitting writers against a series of challenges involving fiction-writing and critique.  Think of it like an American Gladiator’s for writers.

In the current competition, the initial field of 35 has been whittled down to 8. I am one of those eight (as is fellow Guardbridge Books author Daniel Ausema).

Looking forward to the second round… bring it on!