The Song of Sangr – Published!

My latest book, The Song of Sangr, has been launched.

This one is classic Sword and Sorcery in the style of Robert E. Howard. It’s a series of stories that link together to form a single narrative which follows the adventures of Sangr of the frozen North, as he evolves from thief to adventurer to avenger, aided only by his wits and his sword.

It’s adventure fiction in the traditional mold, and I firmly believe everyone who reads it will be entertained. And if not… well, that’s what the comments are for!

The Amazon purchase link is here.

My Story “Hunter” is available for Patreon Supporters of Black Hare Press

Here’s something new for me. My story “Hunter” is one of the prizes for supporters of Black Hare Press’ Patreon.

It’s very cool that they would select one of mine (and pay me) as a way to attract funding. So for any Bondoni completists out there who absolutely must read everything I’ve written (isn’t that every writer’s fondest dream?), or anyone who is just curious, I’ve linked to the Patreon page here.