Summerland Sells!

My story “Summerland” has sold to the fourth volume of the Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror antho series. This makes me extremely happy because I now have a story in each volume! Here’s a link to Volume 3 while we wait for V4 to arrive late this year!

Complete Results of N3F Story Contest Announced

N3F Logo

The complete results of this year’s N3F contest have been announced – as I mentioned earlier, my story “Qalnoth’s Favor” placed second which is a two-place improvement on last year, in which I was the Honorable Mention.

First: Philip A. Kramer Quantum Quietus
Second: Gustavo Bondoni Qualnoth’s Favor
Third: Robert W. Jennings Trash Smashers
Honorable Mention: Graham J. Darling Immaterial Witness

Issues of Tomorrow Published

Always nice to see one of my stories chosen to lead off an antho. Even nicer is when that antho is a reprint antho, which means that the stories in there had to be selected not once, but twice to make the grade! Big honor. The antho is called Issues of Tomorrow, edited by Roy C. Booth and Jorge Salgado Reyes and the story in question is “One Story Short”, originally published in MindFlights some years ago. And I love the cover…

Issues of Tomorrow Cover

Siege Selected by Book Club

My novel Siege is going to be the next book read by the Indie Eden Book Club. I am delighted, and dying to see what actual live readers who don’t know me, many of whom aren’t typically genre readers will say. This club is open to ny and all, so if you’re interested in reading Siege or have it sitting on the pile, this might be a great chance to do so!

You can have a look here.


Bards and Sages to Reprint “Schism”

Good news is that Bards and Sages Quarterly will be reprinting my story “Schism”. That one is a few years old, and was never widely known, so I’m delighted that people will have a chance to read it, especially because I don’t do many stories that take a serious sf-nal look at religion.  This is one of them.