Off the Beaten Path: Now Available on Kindle!

Off the Beaten Path by Gustavo Bondoni

Off the Beaten Path is available on Kindle! I think you will like this one, as it focuses on people you probably won’t have met before and places that aren’t the usual American or European settings. So if you like your genre fiction set in South America, Asia and Africa, this one is for you (or for that special person who needs a last-minute holiday gift, but who has read widely in the genre and wants something fresh!)

A Sip of Pombé on the Nebula Recommended Reading List

So, after yesterday’s bit of awesomeness, here’s another first for me: my story, A Sip of Pombé is on the Nebula recommended reading list over at SFWA (that it was recommended by the super-talented Chilean writer Rodrigo Juri is a bonus – and one I’m thankful for!). Can’t leave a link, because it’s password protected, but thought I’d leave a screenshot, just to show you that it actually happened (what, me excited?).

The link to read the story (normally, this would be only available to people who buy the print edition) is here.


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I was a Finalist in the Third Quarter of Writers of the Future

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I was a finalist in the third quarter Writers of the Future contest (link here). This is both an honor, because there are thousands of stories entered this month and timely, since I have recently sold a couple of stories that disqualify me from competing in this one any more.

I have one final quarter of eligibility (the next judging session) for which I’ve already sent in a story… and that is it.

So it’s amazing to made the final eight in the biggest SFF writing contest out there. Truly delighted with this one, and congrats to those who took the top three places!