Love and Death – Launched TODAY

Most of you know me as a science fiction writer, while others have read my horror or fantasy work.  So my latest book launch might come as a bit of a surprise… but I’m happy to announce that today is launch day for Love & Death, a narrative composed of intertwined stories.

Love and Death by Gustavo Bondoni_frame (1)

Innumerable experts talk about getting out of your comfort zone in order to grow, but I’ll take it one step further.  For a new book to be any good the writer needs to be confident in the genre they’re working in…

Fortunately, I’ve been a reader of literary works for as long as I’ve been a reader of genre work, and I found that writing something completely outside of my usual milieu was not so much a reinvention of my prose as it was akin to slipping out of shorts and into a suit and tie.

The result?  I’ll let you judge for yourself – below are purchase links for every conceivable e-delivery method (paperbacks are coming soon):

Amazon | B&N | Play Store | Apple Store

If you do pick it up, drop me a line – always delighted to hear if readers loved a book or if they hated it.


Off the Beaten Path Covered Reveal!

Off the Beaten Path by Gustavo Bondoni

Cover reveal! My collection, Off the Beaten Path will be launched this year at WorldCon, and I will be on hand to sign copies for anyone interested! It looks beautiful, thanks to the wonderful Salvador Sanz, the cover artist, as well as the excellent work by my publisher, Guardbridge Books.

As you can imagine, I’m delighted with it, and also thrilled that I’ll finally be able to meet some of the amazing writers I know only through online presence and words in books in person.