Over the weekend, I got to see the first versions of cover art for Outside.  The planned launch for the novel is at Eastercon 2017… so if you’ll be in the UK in mid-April, you shall be able to pick up a copy.  The months just before a book launch are always an exciting time as the final drafts and artwork come together!

Contributor copy of The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Volume 2

My copy of the The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Volume 2 arrived this weekend.  This one is a hefty volume that includes names I recognize as great SF writers: James Van Pelt (who book The Radio Magician and Other Stories I reviewed at SFReader a few years ago  –  and Jonathan Shipley.  Interestingly, it also includes a story by an Argentinian writer called Hernán Salvarezza, the only other Argentinian I’m aware of writing in English (although, to be honest, I’m not sure if the stories are originally in English or in translation).

Gustavo Interviewed at Leedor

For the first time ever, I’ve been interviewed in Spanish about my writing.  I’ve done plenty of interviews before, but even in Argentina, they’ve always been in English-language media.  So anyone who prefers to learn about writers in the Spanish language (or simply wants to practice their Spanish) can have a look, here.

Medical Discharge Sold to Inwood Indiana

So, not the first sale of 2017, but it’s the fist one I can discuss while other contract details are being finalized.  Sold my story “Medical Discharge” to Inwood Indiana.  This will mark the second time my fiction has appeared there – and I’m particularly delighted that this story is going to get into reader’s hands.  It’s one of those that leaves you thinking.

Great news to share from Lillicat Publishers!

Big shout out to one of the publisher’s who’s published my stories in the past: Lillicat Publishers has had a couple of top ten finishes in the Preditors and Editors poll this year.  Here’s their success in their own words:

Lillicat Publishers | Communicating with the world, one …
Communicating with the world, one book at a time. Lillicat Publishers is an award-winning indie publisher of science fiction and fantasy, as well as mainstream …

Two of the Top Ten Finishers in the Preditors & Editors Poll 2016 are Lillicat Publishers in the Book Publishers category and Visions V: Milky Way (Lillicat Publishers 2016) in the Anthologies category.

Visions III: Inside the Kuiper Belt  (Lillicat Publishers 2016) came in at position 18.

Entry on Fiction DB

I seem to have a page at the Fiction DB.  Despite a lot of work out there, I’m always still a bit surprised when my name and books appear on websites that aggregate writers (especially those that work outside the genres I am most prolific in).  But it is happening ever more frequently, and I’ve recently discovered my page on the Fiction DB, which you can see here.