Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo Table of Contents Announced

My story “Third Half”  Will be appearing in the Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo anthology forthcoming from Patchwork Raven.  Here’s the complete story list:
Octavio: A Spider’s Tale – Carolyn Agee
The Elusive Mountain – J. Lee Strickland
The Purple Giraffe – Christopher Walker
When Rivers Run Up – Salena Casha
Travels with Kevin – Joel Reeves
Adventure in Spring – Teodora Taseva
The Vegetable Patch – Christine Hillingdon
The Boy Beneath the Beech Tree – Edward Ahern
Minnie at the Marketplace – Maroula Blades
Tanner’s Kitten – Wendy Wiseman Fisher
Hector and the Moon Cat – Daisy E. White
Bear Necessities – Hunter Liguore
Third Half – Gustavo Bondoni
Tree Rings – Adam S. Getty
Lady Ogress and the Oglets – Lyn Godfrey
The Undertaker’s Underpants – Ken MacGregor
Pancakes – Darlene P. Campos
Sir Blodry, Adventurous – DJ Tyrer
Peaches – James D. Fischer
Lida’s Rainbow – Ariel Stone
The Other Monster – Anne E. Johnson
The Princess and the Dragon – Wondra Vanian
The View – Jonathan Ochoco
The Post Pixie – Philippa Rae
Clues on the Corner – Christine Collier
Elizabeth and the Lightning Sprite – Trish Rissen
Rosa and her Rose-Coloured Glasses – Lisa Reily
Leif the Story Hunter – Jennifer Shelby
The First Music – Joel A. Nichols


My story, “The Collector” is a finalist in the Defenestrationism short fiction contest.  Any website that defines itself as one that looks into the finer points of the art of throwing people out of windows (which, apparently, is what defenestration means) is OK in my book.

The complete list of finalists and the dates of publication are:

–“Bearcat”, Lisa Clark
July 9th
–“Blank Faces”, Jess Costello
July 16th
-“Lost in Defenestration”, B. Craig Grafton
July 23rd
-“Delocation”, Andrew Livingston
July 30th
-“The Hunter”, Isabella Hernandez
` August 6th
-“The Collector”, Gustavo Bondoni
August’ 13th
You can check out the list here.
Final Fan Voting begins in August – I’ll let everyone know!